What are the most popular bathroom styles in the UK 2022

Bathrooms are some of the most used areas in a house. You have every reason to update your bathroom with the latest 2022 styles. They are the latest trends that will elevate your bathroom in 2022. While shower faucets designs from roxiedaisy can quickly update your bathroom’s style, here are more bathroom styles ideas:

most popular bathroom styles in the UK

Luxury finishes

A bathroom is always your private escape space. So turning it into a beautiful area will give you the peace you need away from everyone within your house. In 2022, trends have shifted, while some from 2021 have remained timeless. They include luxury ones such as the luxury stone, bold signature, and opulent finishes. These ideas help you create a bathroom similar to a five-star hotel bathroom. Other luxury finishes include marble countertops, rococo-inspired fixtures, and metallic finishes. Emphasize your finish with things such as gold details or a monochrome scheme.

Wall Papers

In 2021, bathroom wallpapers were the biggest and most loved bathroom style. It is still a great idea and one of the easiest ways to transform any space in a house. Besides that, wallpapers are affordable and quick to install. You can actually spread the wallpaper directly on the wall without hiring a technician to do the work. However, ensure your bathroom has adequate ventilation to prevent bubbling and peeling.

Add Colors

You have different ways to add color to your bathroom. There is power in bold colors as they express your character style effortlessly. Use fixtures like framed mirrors and vanity units to bring bold designs and colors like blues and greens. You can also use soft pinks, crisp whites, and light greys. These colors make your bathroom contemporary and airy while adding some light.

Black Fixtures

Black pieces are timeless and always add glamor and sophistication to any space. The black fixtures may include ceramic ware, brassware, furniture, and other accessories. The dark color adds a striking element that looks amazingly beautiful against different bathroom colors. Just make sure your walls are not black.

Green Plants in the Bathroom

In 2022, some natural inspired styles have been embraced and will create a spa-like bathroom in your house. Adding one or two plants to your bathroom will change the environment through visual appeal and health benefits. You can also create an exotic look by hanging the plants on the wall.

Handcrafted Items

Having a centerpiece in your bathroom creates an easy way to have an outstanding ‘wow factor.’ It can be a freestanding bath or a beautiful pedestal basin. Choose something handcrafted that you would like to see any time you enter your bathroom, and you will have a breathtaking space for yourself.


Brass is timeless and fits in every modern bathroom. It brings a luxurious touch. It is easy to add this style from your faucets to a brass basin. check at roxiedaisy for brilliant ideas to incoporate brass in your bathroom. The polished brass has been used for decades and is still trendy. Just choose some exciting ways to add it without overdoing it.

With so many 2022 bathroom styles available, you have no reason to have a boring bathroom. Use simple ideas to create a luxury haven for you within your home.


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