Are rose gold Apple Watch Bands Only for Women

In the world of fashion, men and women are concerned about what to wear to ensure they look classy. When it comes to apple watch bands, they are very keen on the types of watch bands they wear to ensure that even as they concentrate on fashion & lifestyle, they stick to watch bands for their gender. This is why several men wonder whether rose gold apple watch bands are only for women. This article elaborates on whether the rose gold watch band is unisex or only belongs to women.

rose gold apple watch band

The Size of Rose Gold Apple Watch Band

Its size is 38mm, and it can be worn by both men and women. Even though 38mm is worn mostly by women, some men can still wear this size of watch band. This, therefore, explains that rose apple watch bands are not exclusively for women but also men. When determining whether a watch band is for men or women, size is the first consideration you need to make. Some watch bands are small but have room for extension and can fit any gender. Therefore, you need to fit the watch band first to see if it fits you, and you should also consider if the watch band has an extension.

The Color of the Rose Gold Apple Watch Bands

Rose gold apple watch bands have varied colors, yellow gold, bright red, black, grey, blue, etc. When it comes to fashion & lifestyle, the color of the watch band matters since some colors are more feminine and not preferred by men. Yellow gold and bright red colors are feminine, which is why they are available in smaller sizes. When apple was designing apple watch bands, they had both genders in mind, which is why there are different colors that can fit all genders. Men can wear black and grey colors. However, the bold ones can also try blue rose gold apple watch bands and match them with their outfits.

The Style

The style of rose gold apple watch bands differ. It’s the style of the watch band that determine whether the watch band is for women, men, or unisex. Every type of these watch bands have different styles, and it’s crucial to look at the styles to know whether they fit you. Some of the rose gold apple watch bands available are, rose gold Milanese, rose gold fish scale stainless steel band, rose gold stainless steel bracelet band, rose gold diamond stainless steel bracelet, rose gold geometric textured metal band, rose gold single row denim chain metal band, etc. Some of these watch bands are designed for women while others for men.

Rose gold apple watch bands are suitable for every gender, but some are made explicitly for a specific gender. To complement your fashion & lifestyle, buy a rose gold apple watch band here. However, before you buy a watch band, there are several factors you need to consider, size, color, style, type, and price.…

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Women choose different styles of Apple Watch bands based on what they wear

Apple watches are exceptional smartwatches in the market and have proven to be game-changers amongst all other watches. This isn’t a surprise considering they feature the best bands that go an extra mile to complement the watch, secure its fit by ensuring you are comfortable and improve its features. In addition, unique bands for apple watch are handsome, high-performing, and quietly competent.

While there are multiple Apple bands in the industry, you must always wear one that correctly matches your outfit. This is why most women often weigh their options before choosing a specific Apple watch band to ensure that they choose one that best complements their outfit. If this is what you want, this comprehensive article will guide you to choose varying Apple watch bands based on the type of outfit you want to compliment. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Tips for choosing different styles of Apple Watch bands for women based on their outfit

Nowadays, women want to look classic and more stylish. However, style is not all about fashion branded clothes, but learning and practicing the matching art. This will make you achieve a stylish look. highlights a few tips you should consider when choosing different styles of Apple Watch bands for women based on the style and look:

Apple Watch bands based on what they wear

Metal for metal

Most dressing styles for women require uniformity. This means your watch metal band must match the waistband. Ensure that your Apple Watch bands’ finish options are matte, shiny, or crystal-studded. Additionally, when it comes to a metal matching a metal, you must consider a band that features a variety of options, such as platinum, titanium, silver, or even gold. Put on a watch whose metal band matches your belt color to acquire an incredible pairing. Before combining varying accessories, ensure you match them to confirm the primary accents match.

Consider your outfit formality

Before you even choose different Apple watch bands for women, you need to be particular about your dressing code. You must also understand that watches come in two models, primarily digital and analog. Therefore, when choosing which one suits you best, you must always consider your outfit’s formality.

The watches’ design usually differs, which explains why you need to be specific when grooming for an occasion. Suppose you plan to attend a formal event wear an analog apple watch band to acquire a more formal appearance. In this case, a black leather band would be appropriate since it gives you a more formal impression, unlike metal bands.

On the other hand, digital watches for casual or informal events feature a huge LED display with a sporty impression are a perfect option for casual or informal events. Thus, apple watch bands that are either silver or gold match elegant attires. Furthermore, for casual outfits, like jeans and tees, choose rugged leather bands.

Factor in colors

The primary factor women consider when choosing varying styles of Apple watch bands based on their outfits is color. In addition, designers keep emphasizing the importance of color combination. Similarly, avoid wearing beyond three shades of clothes and accessories. Thus, when selecting clothes for a specific occasion, ensure count the colors will likely combine. Despite the outfit you choose and its color, you need to diversify it using colored and interesting accessories, such as an Apple watch band. If your dressing code is reach of colors, then the color palette must echo the decoration of other ornaments. The band of your watch should complement the color of your outfit.

Decide on the style of Apple Watch bands that suits you best

Apple watch bands come in varying styles. Therefore, the appropriate one is usually a personal preference. The style of band you choose depends on the design of the watch you choose, such as dress watch, diving watch, field watch, chronograph watch, or pilot watch. After choosing the style of Apple Watch you are purchasing, consider its practicality, technology, accuracy, quality, and durability. This will enable you to easily select a band that perfectly meets your occasion without much hustle.


Besides, you must be cautious about how the Apple watch band you choose matches your entire wardrobe to avoid fashion disaster and send a negative signal. To get more informed about these bands. Make an effort to visit Make sure you choose different Apple Watch bands to match your entire outfit and boost your confidence level appropriately.…

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Trendy Men’s Green Bomber Jacket Matching Guide Suggestions

The Men’s Green Bomber Jacket are pieces that are priceless and pieces that everyone desires to own. These jackets are classic and come in different styles which suit all the different occasions because they are versatile and fashionable. If you are on the look for something warm for use in the winter season, bomber is the ideal answer. These are pieces that are great for use by people who love wearing casual outfits. In this review, you will go through the different types of bomber jackets in the market. Besides, you will learn how best you can put on these bomber jackets.

What are Bomber Jackets

The bomber jackets are jackets with an origin in the first world war military flight. They came into place as the pilots wanted something durable and warm for wear as they fly. After some time, regular civilians as well adopted wearing these jackets. Though at first they were made of leather, these jackets are currently made of other materials such as polyester, nylon, wool, and suede. Also, they come with a hem and rib cuffs, a defined neckline, and a zip front closure. Also, this kind of zip has seen different variations over many years. Currently, these jackets are classic are come in different colors, fits, and styles.

Trendy Men's Green Bomber Jacket

Best Match with Green Bomber Jacket:


  • Navy Track Suit and Green Bomber Jacket

A match done between the navy tracksuit and green bomber jacket offers the best outlook especially when one is out of duty. Again, you may consider getting more experimental with a front shoe and then dree down to acquire a finishing with black and white athletic shoes.


  • Pair the Green Bomber Jacket with Black Ripper Jeans

You should ensure you channel the laid-back inner side and pair it using Men’s Green Bomber Jacket which is dark green. Besides, you may as well consider the effortless ramping up of the outfit using one single item. At the same time, you may consider complementing the whole ensemble using a casual black leather boot.


  • Green Bomber Jacket and Black Chinos

You may consider marrying the green bomber jacket together with the help of black chinos. These are two items that are highly functional and give an awesome look at all times when worn together. Their overall getup down is classic and offers a path that is much more laid-back. This implies there will be a slip on the white canvas paired with the aid of low-top sneakers.


  • Dark Green Bomber Jacket and Charcoal Chinos

When you pair a Bomber green jacket with charcoal chinos, you will result in a versatile look. This way, you will result in a product that helps you remain at a heavy rotation in all the different instances. Ensure you get to complement the whole ensemble process, especially with high-top grey leather sneakers. In this case, you will get the chance to infuse the stylish sense effortlessly in the whole assembly process.


  • Marry of Green Bomber Jacket with Brown Chinos

When you marry a green bomber jacket together with brown chinos, you will result in the best options of use in the whole casual ensemble process. This way, you will balance your whole look with footwear that is laid-back with the use of leather tobacco sandals.


  • Pair Green Bomber Jacket with White Chinos

When you pair mens bomber jacket green with a white chino, you will get the best transformation. The pairing process is super easy and thus you are certain you will get a classic look. Also, you may as well improve this look by wearing leather dark brown loafers.


Having gone through these different Men’s Green Bomber Jacket match, it is now simple for you to determine what will match best with your bomber jackets with the occasion you wish to get to. Therefore, make your choice and you will acquire the look you have long desired to have.…

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How to Choose Shower Faucets to Change your Bathroom Style

Taking a shower is a great way to start your morning. The bathroom is part of what makes a household complete. Whether you are looking to change the style of your bathroom or upgrade your old equipment, the faucets used are essential. Faucets are tiny equipment and often seem insignificant when renovating. However, settling for a faucet set that goes well with your style may add a little excitement to your home. Choosing the best type of shower faucets is essential for convenience, proper usability, and aesthetic value addition. When buying a faucet set for shower, there are many considerations for a great choice. This article shows some basic things to consider when choosing a shower faucet to change your bathroom style.

Shower Faucets to Change your Bathroom Style

Consider the style of the faucet

Different faucets differ in different ways. The faucet style is crucial to deciding on the kind of faucet you need for your bathroom. When it comes to faucet styles, the options vary; for instance, you can choose a modern or ornate faucet style, a one or two handle faucet, and whatnot. The faucet you choose is determined by whether or not you are renovating an old sink or getting the entire sink replaced. There are many possibilities to choose from for replacing the whole sink, while upgrading might be a little limited in terms of the faucet to select. There are three known faucet styles that one could settle for;

1.The wall-mount faucet style: if you are looking for something that guarantees space after installing the faucet and is unique, the wall mount faucet is your choice. As the name suggests, this type of faucet is mounted on the wall above and behind the sink. It guarantees beauty to the bathroom and is a go-for faucet.

2.Center-set faucets: These types of faucets are standard, and they are preferred by many as they go well with most sinks. They are mounted on the desk of the sink and have the handle and spout combined as a unit. They are simple to use and are available in most stores.

3.Single-hole faucets: These faucets only have one drilled hole to function. Like the centre-set faucets, the single-hole faucets combine mixing handles and spout to form one unit. Individuals with small bathrooms should consider going for the single-hole faucets as they save a lot of space.

Check for the technology in the faucet.

There is an improvement in the kind of technology we use worldwide. Even faucets today use the latest technology. When choosing a faucet set for your bathroom, considering the technology is vital to the buyer. There are three leading technologies used in faucets.

1.Laminar flow faucets: Ever turn the tap on and have a rough splash of water? Are you looking to change that? The laminar flow faucet is what you need. The technology in this faucet softens the water flow making it friendlier to use and adding luxury to your bath.

2.Motion-activated faucets: As the name suggests, the motion faucets use motion for on/off activation. When looking for a faucet that you can use for more functions than just turning on and getting water flow, the motion-activated faucet is what you need. With the recent improvement of technology, these faucets have temperature adjustment settings and also can enhance the flow of control. Choosing this type of faucet for your bathroom style will help in water flow and ensure convenience in use.

3.Sanitizing faucets: The safety of your home is essential. Whether you are using your water for drinking or washing, making sure the water is safe should be a priority. The sanitizing faucet uses ozone-activation antibacterial technology, making the water safe for bath or even drinking. When choosing your bathroom faucet, going for this type of faucet is a plus as you don’t have to worry about the safety of your bathwater.

Putting your needs and preferences first before settling on a faucet for your bathroom is vital. When choosing a faucet set, ensure that the faucet has replaceable internal parts, and the spare parts are available and easily accessible. There are several other considerations to make when choosing faucets for your bathroom. It is crucial to make sure you have all of them in mind before deciding what to get.…

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Little Red Dress



Reformation Dress | Cocobelle Vera Sandals | Mango Clutch | Lack of Color Spencer Boater Hat

I apologize for being so inconsistent with posting. After Liam was born life became a lot more hectic, and blogging was placed on the back burner. Liam is such a huge (and joyful) part of my life, but I struggle with how much of his life I want to share on social media. Currently, I try to keep posting about him to a minimum which makes blogging a little more difficult when all of my time is spent with him. Blogging has been such a fun and creative outlet for me and I hope to be able to do it on a more consistent basis.

If you follow me on instagram, you know that we just vacationed in Maui. This off the shoulder red dress from Reformation was perfect for a dinner out in Maui.…

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Summer Casual

Summer Casual

Summer Casual

Summer Casual

Summer Casual

{Express Dress, Jcrew Panama Hat, Oxford Flats from Shop Bop, Jean Jacket From Nordstroms, Zara Bag}

A lot of time was spent traveling in the car this weekend. Saturday night we drove to San Diego to hang out with some friends and did not get home until 1 AM. Sunday we went to Orange county for a baby shower. Although we had a lot of fun, the driving was exhausting. Busy weekends are fun, but once monday rolls around it is hard to start the week over again.…

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